Remodeling For Your Environment

Remodeling is an opportunity to revise, re-see, recycle, and add to the spaces of your home life and therefore your outlook for your whole life. When you finally get around to having your kitchen updated, your garage converted, or your carpets ripped up for a first floor replaced with repurposed wood or bamboo, you know the sense of finally finishing your home.

It is a great stress reliever to finally have something off your plate and checked on your completed list. Your home is at the very least your restful, peaceful rejuvenating space. When your home projects remain incomplete, or when rooms aren’t reflecting your growing green consciousness, or reflecting the function that you and your family require day after day, it’s time for a sustainable living revision.

There are so many ways to go a little bit greener with your latest home remodeling project. From your roof to your basement, from your fireplace to your stove the only thing slowing or stopping this train is whether your own your home, home owner’s association stipulations, and city building ordinances. With all of the logistics and semantics out of the way, where shall we start? Let’s start with the outside and work our way in – just like with any good spring-cleaning: start with the heavy and messy and end with the removal of allergens.

The first step is to locate a green certified contractor. They understand the installation processes and maintenance for all of the solar and alternative power-sourced appliances available. These are the individuals who can explain to you how your existing plumbing, electrical, gas and structural components will be impacted during the eco-remodeling. For example, if you are updating to a solar water heating system your old one may be used as a reserve for the new system or it may have to be replaced.

You may be updating large projects one at a time and would like to start with your windows before the summer months arrive. To switch to double pane windows on the side of your home with the most sun, the south exposure would be ideal before you proceed with a full replacement.

You may be considering a full bathroom revision by using natural fibers flooring with linoleum, low-pressure showerhead, low flow toilet tank, or a solar water tank less heater for the chosen bathroom. Regardless of the construction you choose there will always be a benefit to your quality of life, your yearly expenses, and your environmental impact.

The decision to go with greener home remodeling can benefit you in the short and long term. Not only will you experience the obvious cooler summers, warmer winters, lower utilities due to less water use; you will be gradually reducing your environmental footprint. Your long term benefits include the sustainable updating to renewable energy sourcesFeature Articles, construction materials and appliances. Remodeling for your environment allows you to match the points that keep families in homes and help those homes to sell.

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